The somewhat forbidden Library section of classical English children’s books

[imagemap map=”imgmap_css_container_imgmap20161114184735″ direct=1 id=”imgmap20161114184735″ img=”″]
[area shape=rect alt=”Alice in Wonderland” title=”Alice in Wonderland” url=””]16,48,30,181[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Peter Pan” title=”Peter Pan” url=”″]31,17,49,180[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Mary Poppins” title=”Mary Poppins” url=”″]51,32,67,180[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Wind in the Willows” title=”Wind in the Willows” url=””]69,20,81,180[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Winnie the Pooh” title=”Winnie the Pooh” url=”″]83,49,109,180[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Winnie the Pooh” title=”Winnie the Pooh” url=”″]110,34,125,179[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Narnia” title=”Narnia” url=””]127,48,190,180[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Harry Potter” title=”Harry Potter” url=”″]193,37,398,181[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Flower Fairies” title=”Flower Fairies” url=””]400,66,434,182[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”The Hobbit” title=”The Hobbit” url=””]431,29,493,182[/area]
[area shape=rect alt=”Rupert Bear” title=”Rupert Bear” url=”″]492,11,590,181[/area]

You’ve arrived in the wonderfully whimsical somewhat forbidden library section of The Wandelgek. This is where he hides his classical youth books which inspired him to travel through England on a search for traces of the main characters and the autors and illustrators who created all these wonderfull worlds.

Click on a book...

Click on a book…

How does it work. Well you could ask the Librarian but she would tell you to simply pull a book from the shelf beneath and start reading…

You could for a start just click on a booktitle you like and it will surely lead you to the related adventures in England…