Wandelen is een passie van De Wandelgek en deze pagina is de ingang tot het echte wandelgedeelte van de site. “De Wandelgek” loopt veel in Nederland, maar ook in het buitenland tijdens verre of minder verre reizen wordt vrijwel altijd wel gewandeld.


Op deze pagina vind je links naar posts die een specifieke wandeling beschrijven of een wandelroute kaart bevatten (bijna altijd aanklikbaar). De wandelpagina’s zullen verder foto’s en informatie bevatten over gebruikte wandelkaarten, wandelboeken, etc.

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1.05 Pinocchio

This gallery contains 1 photos.

The rest of my walk through the forest, I kept checking my map carefully. After a few hours of just trees and fern, I thought I saw a rooftop peaking throught the green world. Half an hour later I could … Continue reading


10. Journey back in time to Sermermiut…

This gallery contains 41 photos.

Today started and ended as a sunny day full of blue skies. After another great breakfast at Hotel Arctic, which had become a real home to me in these days above the arctic circle, The Wandelgek went on a guided … Continue reading


Deventer (the ultimate historic walk for history lovers in 4 parts)

This gallery contains 260 photos.

Deventer 1250 In the year 768 a missionary named Lebuïnus founded Deventer. This is now (2018) exactly 1250 years ago. In celebration of this event a lot of festivities are organized. Website: https://deventer1250.nl/ The Wandelgek decided to honour the city with … Continue reading


Where hobbits walk… – Walk through The Shire (Cotswolds 3)

This gallery contains 360 photos.

After a good night’s rest and a sturdy breakfast at the Green Dragon Inn in Cockleford, The Wandelgek started his 2nd walk through the Cotswolds, which would go through the Churn Valley… Elevation and level The walk was an approximately … Continue reading


6. Hiking at the Kangia Icefjord: 3. (part of the) Blue Trail (2.7 kilometres)

This gallery contains 126 photos.

The third trail starts at the quarry just on the outskirts southeast of Ilulissat and the complete trail is 6.9 kilometres long. But I didn’t walk the complete trail but started where the reed trail ended and where it joined … Continue reading


5. Hiking at the Kangia Icefjord: 2. Red Trail (1 kilometre)

This gallery contains 22 photos.

This second trail starts at the heliport just on the outskirts south of Ilulissat. This is where the yellow trail (see previous blog) ends. Again there is The walk started with a steep climb up the stairs and then some … Continue reading


4. VLOG #2: Mosquito nets and icebergs at the Ilulissat icefjord

This gallery contains 1 photos.

At the Kangia Icefjord wearing a mosquitonet… Share this blog on:or even better Follow Wandelgek on:


“The road goes ever on…” – Walk through the Shire (Cotswolds 2)

This gallery contains 258 photos.

The Cotswolds: Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty The Wandelgek had reached the Cotswolds, probably the area which inspired J.R.R. Tolkien for his description of The Shire in both, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings… The Cotswolds is an … Continue reading


3. Hiking at the Kangia Icefjord: 1. Yellow Trail (2.7 kilometres)

This gallery contains 36 photos.

Before reading this blog about the Yellow trail, following the Kangia/Ilulissat/Jakobshavn Icefjord, you might want to read my previous blog with background information on this Icefjord too. Read more at my blog Wake up call to Climate Change and introduction … Continue reading


2. Wake up call to Climate Change and introduction to the Jakobshavn/Ilulissat/Kangia Icefjord in West Greenland

This gallery contains 157 photos.

Kangia Icefjord (Jakobshavn/Ilulissat Icefjord) Ilulissat is the tourist hub of Greenland and the main reason for almost 10.000 tourists a year to visit is its proximity to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Kangia Icefjord. The Ilulissat Icefjord (Greenlandic: … Continue reading