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When The Wandelgek was very young, he travelled several years with his parents and brother to Austria and southern Germany. Most of these travels were to The Alpes, to small villages like Strengen, Weer/Kolßas, Windischgarsten, Bad Vöslau and Berchtesgaden. All of these travels were by train. From The Netherlands there were trains to Cologne in Germany and then towards Bavaria’s capital Munich. Further south then towards border towns of Austria like Passau.

When The Wandelgek started travelling solo or with friends, he still stayed loyal to train travel as much as possible. Was this because of it being a more sustainable manner of travel than air travel? Well much later that became a reason too, but in the beginning it was budget travel that steered his choices.

  • To south Belgium & Luxemburg 1989
  • Railway to Scotland 1990
  • A train to Paris 1991
  • Scanrail through Sweden and Norway 1993
  • By train across Ireland 1994
  • TGV to the Breton peninsula 1998
  • Railway to Czechia and Slovakia 1996
  • Nordic Rail to Sweden, Finland & Russia 1997
  • By train to Switzerland 2001
  • Backpacking by train to and through the Italian peninsula 2001
  • Railway through the sawahs of Java, Indonesia 2003
  • Train journey over the Khazak steppes 2004
  • Railway through the Tien Shan mountains and along the Taklamakan desert 2004
  • By train through Vietnams DMZ 2008
  • TGV to the Provence 2012
  • Through the tunnel to southern England 2016
  • Trans Siberia express 2019
  • Trans Mongolia express 2019
  • Patagonian Railway 2022
  • Tren al Fin del Mundo 2022

Beneath I’m linking to some of the most memorable and special train journeys and visits to trains or stations which I described in my blogposts.