23. Vlog #16: Kayaking in Greenland Part 1

It had become evening and satisfied after a good dinner, I was ready for yet another adventure, actually one that had been on my mind for years. So I grabbed my stuff and returned into Ilulissat to the office of PGI-Greenland to participate in a kayak adventure in Disko Bay. At PGI they handle things very professionally. Their kayak tours are even open to those who never kayakked before. For me it was the very 1st time kayaking and also the 1st time doing this in arctic waters. It appeared that everyone in my kayak group was as inexperienced as I was. I did have canoeing experience in Europe, Asia and Africa but that was all in relatively warm waters and a canoe is quite different from a kayak as I would soon experience myself.

Then it was time to start the adventure and after we boarded our kayaks, we kayaked off towards the distant icebergs… More of that later in my next vlogs and blog😀🛶

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