3. Sunset on the Zambezi

At the end of the afternoon, The Wandelgek boarded a ship with two decks, and an open view over the grand river Zambezi from all sides of the ship. There were drinks on board including several African beers. But first things first. The boat started to move.

The first part of the boat cruise was marked by many meetings with beautiful animals on the shores.

Nile Crocodiles

African Elephants



African Darter

Pied Kingfisher

Then the boat moved into deeper water…

and while the sun was slowly setting, The Wandelgek saw Crocodiles and Hippos and on the shore some huge male Elephants…




African Elephants

Then the sun went down really slowly and I wasn’t prepared for its beauty, not even after seeing several awesome African sunsets before. This one topped them all and is probably the most beautiful sunset I ever saw…

Completely Awesome… and still it got better…

I was really silent now and I think I remember everyone becoming silent. The skipper had turned of the motor of the boat and we were drifting in what seemed to be fluid gold…

Then the sun set wavering over the horizon…

I couldn’t remember seeing anything so beautiful in a long time…

And then it was time for a beer and for venting some ideas and emotions about what just had happened.

Some might say that sunsets are awesome everywhere and although that is probably true (having seen some awesome sunsets in very different parts of the world myself), African sunsets have something that tops mosts of the others…

The boat moved back to shore and another grand adventure: An African sunset on the Zambezi River had filled my memories.


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